FREE BIM consultation for your new project! 

FREE BIM consultation for your new project! 

We are offering same day (!) FREE BIM professional welcome consultation for your new project with Senior Architect the Head of SCANENG BIM Department and/or with one of our Senior Laser Scanning operators about your NEW project and 3D BIM modeling, which helps you to avoid money overspending and will give you immediate answers for most of your questions for no obliges. 

Sometimes internally we call this the most popular service — «FREE New project consultation» simply «BIM consultation«, or «Engineer’s consultation» or just «Free Consultation.» 


For Whom? 

FREE new BIM project consultation service was designed especially for engineering and architecture bureaus, construction companies, independent consultants, and, as well as our scanning partners (See How to become a Partner). 

Scanning Partners — are the companies or the individual entrepreneurs, who operate laser scanners equipment directly on sites and making measurements, which have SCANENG partners agreements. 


What is the Problem? 

Although this is just a «free consultation», it is precisely the service that is most important in all our customer relationships. Because of the huge number of questions that at first glance seem «small and simple». But the truth is, literally all questions and answers are valuable to both sides. Because they inspire confidence. 

Based on the statistics of consultations, our specialists can distinguish 3 types of questions with which clients contact us most often: 

The first type – you still not sure if you need a 3D model, you are looking for expert opinion to decide: 

  • «Pros and cons». If you are not sure whether to create a 3D BIM model or limit it to partial DWG drawings, look for the pros and cons; 

  • More information. Lack of information on the technology of «laser scanning» and 3D modeling, on the mandatory and optional stages from the beginning to the result; 

  • Software compatibility. It is unclear if the resulting 3D model will be compatible with your company’s standard software system. 

The second type – already sure that you need a 3D model, but you are not sure that the SCANENG service is right for you. 

  • Expert confirmation. There is an inner confidence that a 3D model is needed, but there is a lack of information and, as a result, external expert confirmation and evidence is needed that a 3D BIM model is suitable for your purposes; 

  • Result. There is no clear technical assignment, and, as a consequence, the fear of getting «not quite the right result»; 

  • SCANENG competencies. Lack of confidence in the competencies of SCANENG engineers to achieve a technical result with your project; 

  • Control and transparency. The problem of lack of transparency and control over production; 

  • Technical issues. Some technical questions remain: 

    • Questions about secure uploading and downloading data as they take up a lot. 

    • What level of LOD detail to select. 

The third type is about acquaintance with the team and confirmation of competencies. 

  • Getting to know the team. “I just wanted to talk to a real engineer in the same language and make sure of your existence :)” — a quote from one of the regular customers at the stage of acquaintance. 

  • English. Uncertainty in your English and fear of communication during negotiations and in the process of execution and control of work. 


What Result? 

As the result, you will:  

  • receive all answers to your technical and organization questions;  

  • know exactly, whether you need to do 3D modeling or not;  

  • be sure, if the SCANENG services are fully suitable for you or not. 

So, we think- it is the best way of investing 15 to 45 minutes of your time to get the first Result and receive additional BIM bits of knowledge.   

Usually, we organize our meetings throw services that allowing screen sharing, mostly throw Microsoft Teams, Google meets, or Zoom. You’ll get the link to the meeting immediately after connecting and agreed about the time with your Partner Success Managers.  


What are Key Advantages and Uniqueness? 

What are the Key Advantages and Uniqueness which make SCANENG Services different? Here are some of them: 

  • Fast. It is the «same day» service. We guarantee a FREE consultation immediately upon your request. 

  • Senior-level. You will get technical advice from a senior-level architect and engineer, not just only from a salesperson. 

  • Exact your project. You will receive all answers for your specific project, for all possible questions. 

  • Free of charge! The welcome consultation from a specialist on a new BIM project is absolutely free and does not oblige you. 



Additional services 

Also, you might be interested in 3D modeling. We offer 3d BIM modeling for civil and industrial objects and create BIM and CAD from a point cloud for architectural, engineering, and surveying companies. See 3D BIM modelling  


Complimentary services 

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