Registration of Base stations 

Registration of Base stations 

We are offering same day (!) professional cost-effective Registration of Base stations with less than 3 mm accuracy, mainly for Faro, as well as for Trimble and Leica scanners also, done by our highly experienced engineers, which letting avoid overlays, and save much time and money, especially on the right next step of 3D modeling.     Sometimes internally we call "Registration of Base station" also like «Stitching base stations", or "Registration scan files to Point Clouds" or simply "FLS to RCP"

For Whom? 

Registration of Base stations service was designed exactly for our Scanning Partners — companies and individual entrepreneurs, who operate laser scanners equipment directly on sites and making measurements. During the scanning, process Surveyors make a large number of base station measurements. The process of identifying and aligning scans is called ‘registration’. 


What is the Problem? 

Traditionally, Registration is one of the slowest and most time-consuming aspects of creating a point cloud survey. 

Most often the efficient aim of measurements is creating a 3D model of the scanning object — it is a so-called as-built model. But there are some obstacles which prevent it. Here is the short list of problems: 

  • Impossible to create 3d model directly from files produced by the scanner. Because the files are in «raw» .FLS format (FARO);  

  • Difficult to receive good drawing without overlaying with accuracy at least less than 5 mm using non-professional Registration; 

  • Lack of expertise doing the Registration yourself; 

  • Lack of time with huge numbers of base stations in the project. It could take days by doing Registration by an inexperienced specialist.  

  • Increasing cost and time for 3D modeling — is the right next step after registration, because of the inability to understand what wall is proper from the several point clouds. 


What is the Result? 

As the result, you will receive the link on the Point Cloud in .RCP format no later than 24 hours since you upload us raw files. Accuracy <3 mm


What are Key Advantages and Uniqueness? 

What are the Key Advantages and Uniqueness which make SCANENG Services different? Here are some of them: 

  • Fast "same-day" service. We guarantee result in 24 hours from the time you have uploaded .FLS raw files from your scanner to our servers. 

  • Professional — the registration makes by experienced engineers with the architect's supervision. 

  • High peak capacity — up to 300 base stations per day, including time for uploading back the Result. 

  • Low price. The price as low as 99 cents for the base station. We make this limited offer specially for our Scanner partners.  (See How to become a Partner



Additional services 

Also, you might be interested in 3D modeling. We offer 3d BIM modeling for civil and industrial objects and create BIM and CAD from a point cloud for architectural, engineering, and surveying companies. See 3D BIM modelling  



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