Building Information Modeling for Architecture

Why is scanning in BIM gaining popularity?
BIM has become an integral part of construction projects. Due to the growing popularity of information modeling, the use of three-dimensional laser scanning to examine objects has also gained immense popularity. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that three-dimensional scanning helps to obtain complete information about the constructed object. This saves a ton of time and money compared to traditional research methods.

Laser scanning in architecture is in demand due to its high accuracy, measurement speed, millimeter detail and the absence of a human factor. Historically, laser scanning has been used in architectural measurements for the restoration of monuments, in geodetic surveys for the installation of facade systems, in recent years, due to the growing popularity of the BIM approach to design (Building Information Modeling), laser scanning is increasingly used to create the basis for design in Autodesk Revit

Building Information Modeling benefits architects immensely. This advanced modeling software has completely changed the way that architects approach building design.

Before architects used BIM, there was also more room for human error. One small miscalculation could lead to massive complications which resulted in delays and unexpected costs.