Petroleum industry


Building Information Modeling for Petroleum industry

Projects like those found in the oil and gas industry require solutions designed to centralize, clarify, and coordinate vast amounts of data. Oil and gas companies require as much reduction in development time (and thus significantly reduce capital cost) as possible.

Oil and gas projects enjoy the distinct difficult of enduring exceptional variability from one project to the next. Virtually every project is different from the proceeding project, even if the facility or building itself is identical in purpose. Several unfortunate side effects originate from this aspect of industry projects.

Post construction inspections are also a difficult metric to examine accurately without well-integrated data collection systems, though BIM experts routinely conduct precise LIDAR scans on-site to compare with modeling. Some BIM teams conduct these scans with extreme frequency to track, even daily, the productivity and schedule progress.

All objects of the obtained BIM model (equipment, pipelines, valves, supporting metal structures) have an exact location, dimensions, all equipment elements in the information model have technical data sheets, each element contains accurate information about its mass, as well as a number of other parameters. Any engineering documentation is entered into the working file of the BIM model and can be opened in the same place, which greatly simplifies the problem of managing engineering documentation when solving various operational problems and performing calculations. Using the information model, it is possible to carry out staff training, control engineering systems, quickly provide all participants in joint work with information about the design, parameters and characteristics of the technological object. In addition, it becomes realistic to create a single database for all sections of the project. When using the BIM-model of an existing object, it becomes possible to detect collisions and design errors before the start of future construction or reconstruction.