Laser scanning of the building on the street. Kawi Najmi 10 for reconstruction purposes

In April 2020, Scanning specialists performed a measurement of the facade and staircases of a historic building located on the street. Kavi Najmi 10, Kazan for reconstruction purposes.

Historical background: an object of cultural heritage of republican significance — the Sveshnikov House of the early 19th century. The building on Kavi Najmi, 10 in the 1860s was rebuilt according to the project of the architect Pyotr Anikin into a tenement house, and before the revolution the hotel «Grand Hotel» was located here. In 1919, the headquarters of the Separate Volga Tatar Rifle Brigade was opened here. The house is also known for the fact that the Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People’s Artist of the RSFSR and TASSR Gulsum Bulgarian lived on the second floor from 1934 to 1966. There was also a dormitory for the actors and technical staff of the Bolshoi Drama Theater. IN AND. Kachalova, many theater stars lived within these walls.