Dear customers and partners!

SCANENG is a young Startup created as a dream, in the spirit of the times, to minimize the distance from the consumer to the direct creator of the service. The cost of the service will be as low as possible, and the quality and speed will be as high as possible. For this purpose, we have joined a team of like - minded people-several civil engineers, architects, and IT engineers.

In order for the dream to come true, we need the missing "5 element" ( So the element we need is your cooperation, your feedback, questions and suggestions.

That's why we introduced the "Ask CEO" category. Ask any questions, not only on the topics of scanning and modeling, but also on virtual reality, drones, and any other new technologies.
Thank you in advance, those who will write a fair criticism, as I consider it one of the key tools and opportunities for improving the company's service.

Send your questions, suggestions, and criticism to my direct email
In the subject line, write " Ask CEO"

Sincerely, Vladimir Serkov CEO, SCANENG

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