How to become a partner and why it is profitable?

We invite individuals and companies, engaged in 3D laser scanning, geodesy, and drone operators for full or partial partnership in processing any points clouds generated by you, and we offer you beneficial participation in our local projects.  


For Whom?

The partnership is mainly for companies and individual entrepreneurs, who operate laser scanners or other equipment directly on sites and making measurements. 


What is the Problem? 

There three main problems which laser scanning operators face up and SCANENG, as a partner helps to solve: 

  • Losing clients - it is difficult to sell just a laser scanning or drone service separately from any project; 

  • Staff problems - having lack of full-time engineers, capable of carrying out project tasks effectively, quickly, and at an affordable price; 

  • Insufficient resources - lack of expertise or/and time, for doing all points clouds job by yourself. 


What is the Result? 

As the result of the partnership, you will get access to all our resources and expertise at a lower – special partner price. We give you simultaneously the best of our values.  

  • Winning more clients. You will not be losing any clients from the moment of the starting partnership. You will be able to do more scanning and earn more money. 

  • Smart engineers “out staff”. You can offer more services with your laser scanning for your clients and be absolutely sure that all points clouds data will be professionally procced and your customer will get the best result – no matter what is it - 3d model or “just drawings”. So, you will be offering more services, and therefore will get more turnover. 

  • Extended expertise. You will get more expertise in your personal or company portfolio - the best available on the market now. You will be ready to offer your customer any result - from "just drawings" .DWG, to modern cross 3D BIM models in .IFC format. Also, you and your company will be ready for more complex projects like digital twins. That means, progress and a new level of your customer relationships. 


What are key Advantages and Uniqueness? 

Our current partners highlighted several major advantages which makes our service unique. 

  • Same language. We speak the same language – we speak your language. Our Partner Success Managers are multi-language speakers. Now we speak English, German, Italian, Russian. French, Spanish, and Polish are coming soon. As the company working on the worldwide market, we are using English for all purposes as well.  

  • Laser scanning practitioners. As an engineering company, we have also our own scanning operating experience on daily basis. It makes us unique from the most available on market offers with theorist basis only. 

  • Low entry threshold. For 3D modeling, with SCANENG it is easy to start from almost any object you already just scan. 

  • Competitive price. We provide affordable price politics. If you will find it cheaper – we will pay back you the difference. 

  • Pay only for the result. For our partners, we offer you the great advantage of paying only for the result. We admit unlimited fixes. But most often our partners receive the ready-to-customer result without any need for fixes. 

  • Co-marketing. We are a ready for the Partner initiatives and would like to invest resources in most interesting and profitable ones. 

  • Customer consultations. We respect to your privacy and our partnership. We offer online technical consultation for your customers, which usually helping get the contract in 97% issues.