3D services for spatial data processing and Analytics for precise assessment and strategic planning of construction projects

Mitigate project risks through the processing, interpretation, and analysis of diverse spatial data collections

SCANENG solutions 


We provide comprehensive 3D spatial data services throughout all stages of development and construction projects. Our approach combines industrial and proprietary algorithms for efficient 3D data processing, complemented by a supervisory methodology to expedite 3D modeling and building inspections. With over 5 years of expertise in laser scanning and data processing, our team consists of skilled surveyors, IT experts, and programmers with international experience. We continually study and integrate the finest global practices into our projects, fostering active collaboration with scientific and educational institutions. 

Vladimir Serkov

CEO Scaneng

Scaneng solutions: Where measurements and reality converge to shape the envisioning, planning, and execution of projects.

VDC engineering service 

  • Utilizing Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) enhances project efficiency by visualizing design iterations, streamlining communication, and minimizing errors through virtual simulations.  
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) revolutionizes collaboration by centralizing project data, fostering interdisciplinary coordination, and optimizing project lifecycle management.  
  • Laser scanning and surveying provide accurate as-built data, facilitating precision in design and construction, while minimizing rework and ensuring seamless project execution. 

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