3D Laser scanning

3D Laser scanning

We are offering professional measurements by 3D laser scanning technology, for the engineering bureau, architecture and construction companies, designers, restorers, oilmen, provided by our authorized licensed laser scanning partners, using highly industrial standards with great performance from 1 to 10000 square meters per day, with the result warranty! 3D Laser scanning also well known as "3D scanning» or "laser scanning measurement". 

For Whom? 

3D Laser scanning is a service with rising popularity. Popularity is associated with the high accuracy of laser scanning and the possibility of creating digital 3D models and digital twins based on these measurements.  

Here are most of the groups for which laser scanning seems to be of the highest interest. 

  • Architecture and engineering bureaus. For reconstruction and renovation of objects.  

  • Construction companies. For operational inspection of a construction site at a given interval, for example, once a month. To control construction and installation work, meet deadlines, and identify errors early. 

  • Oil & Gas production facilities. To quickly identify and fix deformation and other damages, to control wear, to calculate the terms of planned maintenance, to prevent accidents. 

  • Chemical Plants. Piping equipment is one of the best applications for 3D laser scanning. It helps avoid conflicts that in the past would not have been caught until the construction phase. 

  • Marine industry. for the definition of possible deflections of the hull as also to inspect every stage of the erection process for deviations from the design. Also, for surveying complex surfaces and unapproachable and destroyed areas for claiming and redesign. 

  • Gaming and movie industry. For creating realistic landscapes, visual effects, storyboarding and after shooting. In scouting film locations!! 

  • Educational institutions and training departments. For creating a VR/AR applications and courses for their students and employees. 

  • City administrations. For operational inspection and timely renovation of road networks and transport, bridges, tunnels, and utility facilities. 

  • Forensic examination. For creating three-dimensional models of accident sites with precise fixation of the location of objects and the distances between them. 

  • Cartography and geodesy. For creating plans of the area, maps, geographic information systems (GIS). 

  • Archeology. For the restoration and preservation of ancient artifacts. 

  • Paleontology. To create missing parts of skeletons found during excavations.  


What is the Problem? 

Laser scanning is still an innovative service whose main competitor is the habit of operating in traditional ways. The main issue is the lack of bits of knowledge about the laser scanning technology itself. It is still unclear what Result and what effect can this technology brings to the business!  

Below we have collected most common problems and adjectives of our customers.   

  • As-built. Need as-built measurements & drawings, drafting & plans. Usually before renovation or modernization, then fast and precise measurements of complex objects with all kinds of drawings and cuts are required; 

  • Documentation. Simplified documentation (room book, areas according to DIN 277, determination of rental areas, etc. can be adjusted/recorded after the laser scanning); 

  • Digitization. When it is required to create a digital copy of existing building archives and plans; 

  • BIM. Need building information model. The customer already has their own reason for getting BIM. Most of them want to have precise digital tool for now and for the long term. 

  • Prophylactic of damages. Due to planned maintenance and to prevent accidents on oil tanks, ships, bridges, tunnels, and utility facilities; 

  • Error avoidance. Error avoidance during restructuring and renovations planning (e.g. collision check possible in advance); 

  • Surface inspecting. Surveying complex surfaces and unapproachable and destroyed areas for claiming, redesign or timely inspection. 

  • VR/AR educations. It is necessary to scan a hall, and all participate objects, to create realistic VR/AR educational training. 


What is the Result? 

Ordering 3d Lasers scanning service directly from SCANENG you will get:  

  • Precise measurements. The professional laser scanning fast and measurements service meeting highest industry standards. 

    • Minimizing the data collection up to 98% over traditional methods of measuring 

    • High efficiency measurements (from 120,000 measurements per second to 976 000) at minimum inaccuracy 

    • High precision measurements (1 mm) 

    • Used type of laser is eye safe 

    • Measuring progress in full operation and without interrupting of production 

    • No limitation on measurements in normal operation 

    • Increased safety for work in difficult conditions 

  • Registration. SCANENG provides FREE stations registration service for creating perfect Points cloud without overlaying and accuracy more than 3mm. 

  • Points Cloud. The link on points cloud, ready to procced further. For example, to creating for 3D model from points cloud.  

  • Discount. The 10% discount on your next 3D Modeling service, or you can get 5% for all, then you order bott: 3D Laser scanning and 3D modeling together. 


What are Key Advantages and Uniqueness? 

As a full-cycle scanning engineering company SCANENG has several advantages and uniqueness compared to most “just scanning” companies. 

  • Responsibility. We are the guarantying quality of service by our own reputation; 

  • Modeling. The greatest advantage is that one of our main competencies, except laser scanning, is 3D modeling. We can provide all scope of works until you gain the primary aim. Whether it would be just 3d model, oil tank inspection, or plant digital twin creating. 

  • Engineering. SCANENG is mainly an engineering company and knows exactly the technical tasks and requirements for 3D laser scanning; 

  • Educated operators. Our highly professional operators have profile engineer’s degrees. Most of them already have their own laser scanning companies. We are happy to have partnership agreements exactly with them. Here is our scanning partners network. 

  • Quality management system. Own quality management system allows us to deliver permanently strong results:  

    • High quality modern scanning equipment;  

    • At least two more engineers, except the operator committed for your project;  

  • Affordable price. We created flat rates for different types of objects, based on floor square meters; 

  • Same day offer. Our company saves your time. You will get your pre-offer with all terms and conditions on the same day of contacting us. 



Additional services 

Also, you might be interested in 3D modeling. We offer 3d BIM modeling for civil and industrial objects and create BIM and CAD from a point cloud for architectural, engineering, and surveying companies. See 3D BIM modelling  




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Important information 

About .FLS Format: 

FARO is a 3D hardware and software company founded in 1981. They are a leading company in laser (LIDAR) scanning, which produces highly detailed point clouds. 

FARO scanners produce a proprietary FARO Laser Scan (.FLS) file containing raw point cloud data 

.FLS single files use the Microsoft Compound File format as a container for the raw scan data. Each file contains a «Main» file with all metadata and a folder called «Scans» with all Calibration, Parameters and Scan Data Streams. 

RAW Faro scan data saved by scanner to a memory card may be a group of files inside a .FLS folder. 

The ReCap format stores spatially indexed point cloud data, which can be loaded into various Autodesk applications to view, edit, and analyze point cloud geometries. 

About .RCP Format: 

The ReCap Writer produces two types of files: 

  • RCS files are scan files that contain the actual spatially indexed point cloud data. 

  • RCP files are project files that point to a number of RCS files and contain additional information such as scan regions, recorded distances, and annotations. 

ReCap supports RGB and intensity values for each point, and EPSG coordinate reference systems that can be specified per project. 

About .IFC Format: 

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model is intended to describe architectural, building and construction industry data. 


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